Bloody B740A review: the fastest gaming keyboard on earth?

2016-04-02 From:GamerDino
Most gaming keyboards aim to offer two things: super-fast response time, and a nice, defined button click. There are some models, however, which dare stray from the norm. Take the Bloody B740A by A4Tech as an example: it’s a rare, even exotic kind of mechanical keyboard, which attempts to achieve even faster response times by using innovative infra-red switches. Forget about the traditional metal switches that click and sound like an old typewriter – the Bloody B740 replaces that with a small infrared beam underneath each button. Upon being pressed, the button actuates the beam, and there you have it – contact! …
  • Bloody B720 Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard & ZL50 Sniper Laser Gaming Mouse

    2016-04-01 From:ComputerPowerUser
    It takes a lot for gaming peripherals to really surprise us these days. We’ve seen different keyboards with every type of mechanical keyswitch available, and gaming mice that promise to be the pinnacle of comfort, regardless of grip type. Now, most of these aren’t bad products, but originality and innovation can be hard to come by. Leave it to peripheral maker Bloody to change our minds. It would be easy to view the B720 as Just Another Mechanical Keyboard and move on, but there’s some cool tech in play that deserves to be discussed. The keyswitches in the B720 rely on infrared light sensors to actuate, rather than a traditional mechanical keyswitch design. As you might imagine, this confers a number of benefits. - See more at: …
  • Bloody T5: a great budget gaming mouse (review)

    2016-03-31 From:GamerDino
    COOL LOOKS AND SATISFYING BUILD The Bloody T5, which is almost identical to the T50 that’s offered in some markets, has one of the most distinct exterior designs I’ve seen. It’s part of Bloody’s “Terminator” line, but sticks with a slightly more down-to-earth, yet still expressive exterior. Despite the light gray side panels that may look like metal, it’s sadly an all-plastic affair, except the signature mouse legs, which are metal. Still, the materials and finishes are very well selected, and using the mouse is a joy. It’s ambidextrous, it feels nice to the touch, and the only element that gives off a slight cheapo feel are the thumb forward/backward buttons. All other buttons, including the two-way switch on top click in a satisfyingly defined manner. The scroll wheel is mostly fine, though clicking it could have required a little less pressure. …
  • Bloody B740A Light Strike Keyboard Review

    Since the advent of the mechanical keyboards, it was only a matter of time before the market became saturated with a plethora of very similar products and options. A4TECH’s very own “bloody” division has brought forth the next evolution in mechanical keyboards, boldly daring to replace the actual switch with Light Strike technology: silent switches that operate by breaking a beam of infrared light. This not only provides the fastest possible response speed, but also adds several inherited benefits from the technology. The B740A is only one of the 15 models using the Light Strike technology at Bloody. Read more at …
  • Bloody V8 & R8 review: this mouse is art!

    2016-03-23 From:GamerDino
    Many gaming mice can slide around with sky-high DPI settings and help you obliterate enemies, but how many of those actually look good while doing it? Very few, actually. But meet the Bloody V8 and R8 by A4Tech – these are two of the best-looking gaming mice I have ever seen! The V8 and R8 gaming mice by A4Tech-owned Bloody are almost identical in their design and characteristics. There are two major differences between the V8 and R8: the V8 has a clean black matte surface, and is a wired mouse, while the R8 features a characteristic image of a skull, and works wirelessly. …
  • TL8A Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse

    2015-07-27 From:Gaming Nexus
    There are tons of options out there for gaming mice, ranging from the uber expensive to the affordable diamonds in the rough. I’ve been loyal to the Steel Series Xai for a couple of years now, but I have been getting the feeling that it was time to upgrade. Before I even got a chance to begin shopping around, I had one fall into my lap: the bloody TL8A Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse. It turns out that I am not going to have to do any shopping because I am more than thrilled with this little piece of hardware. It is clear from the outset that the TL8A is an incredibly solid mouse by design. Sporting a combination of hardened plastic and smooth rubber on the body as well as textured rubber on the primary buttons, the ergonomic design is incredibly comfortable. It also proves to be incredibly functional as well in terms of limiting sweat on your hand(s) during extended gameplay sessions. Both sides of the mouse are grooved, which allows air to flow underneath where you grip the mouse on each side. This keeps your hands cool and from getting too wet, which is an issue I have deal with personally in the past. …
  • Review : Bloody Terminator TL7 Gaming Mouse

    2015-06-25 From:PC Enthusiast
    A4Tech’s Bloody Terminator TL7 gaming mouse tries to do a lot of things all at once, and for the most part, it achieves them. It’s an attractive, comfortable and reactive mouse with software that puts a lot of options at your fingertips. While it’s gaming software may be considered unethical by some, it’s certainly powerful, and it’s your choice whether to use it or it not. …
  • Bloody Headshot V7 Gaming Mouse Review

    2013-07-22 From:College News
    It’s those other users that A4Tech is focusing on with the Headshot V7 gaming mouse, implementing features that will take your gaming to a plateau that you’ve never experienced. With three internal cores, its own memory, special design located at nearly every turn, and software designed to give users an experience that exceeds anything used before it …